Book design for a historic bonsai exhibition.

In September 2015, seventy world-class bonsai artists met in Portland, Oregon for the largest American bonsai competition ever hosted.

Building from the events brand work of Vanessa and Alex DeSpain, Adam Bagerski and I designed and produced the 175 page retrospective book.

With the writing of Trevor Orton and thousands of event images by Arthur Hitchcock, we recreated the monumental event down to the smallest detail.

The books systematic structure is offset by stunning diptychs from Chris Hornbecker, showcasing bonsai's deep connection to the natural environment.

Credits: Work completed while at This Design in Portland, Oregon. Artisan's Cup creative direction and brand work by Vanessa and Alex DeSpain. Writing by Trevor Orton. Event photography by Arthur Hitchcock. Landscape diptychs by Chris Hornbecker. Print production by Alexandria Cummings and Brown Printing.