Branding the world’s leading wilderness-mapping software.

onX maps is a GIS and mapping-technology firm in pursuit of unlocking America’s public lands. Established in 2007, onX has become a household name among hunters for their best-in-class Hunt mobile app that reaches far beyond everyday mapping tools.

Amidst a swell of growth and funding, the Montana-based company wanted to reinvent their brand without confusing their loyal fanbase. Working closely with Creative Director, Adam Bagerski and Strategist, Jodi Glover Theil at This Design, we reimagined the brand from the ground up.

Our foundational strategy work encompassed all aspects of the brand including redefining their vision, mission, values and messaging strategies along with a complete overhaul of the visual identity.

onX makes adventure in America's pristine public wilderness possible. With these backcountry experiences as our muse, we redesigned the look and feel of the entire brand, striking a delicate balance between the attainable and the inspirational.

The redesign encompassed all aspects of the brands visual character, from the creation of a bold and flexible logo system, to comprehensive art direction for capturing brand content.

Credits: Work completed while working at This Design with Creative Director Adam Bagerski and Strategist Jodi Glover Thiel. Wilderness photography from generous contributors to Unsplash and the OnX brand team. Brand guidelines reference imagery from various web resources.